The jump from 3g to 4g broadband was more of a revolution than an evolution. The differences in speed and reliability are huge, with 4g opening up all sorts of possibilities that simply weren’t viable before. If you haven’t already made the jump to 4g home broadband, now is definitely the time. Here are just a few of the advantages.

1. Speed

The most obvious advantage of 4g broadband is its speed. The jump from 3g to 4g in this area is huge. While the theoretical maximum download speed of basic 3g broadband was 7.2 Mbps, the theoretical maximum for advanced 4g is a whopping 300Mbps. Although it is next to impossible to achieve these theoretical speeds in the real world, the average download speed of 4g is 42Mbps- 14 times faster than the 3g average of 3Mbps.

2. No phone line required

In a world of ubiquitous mobile phones, landlines are becoming increasingly redundant. With 3g, many people found themselves being forced to install a useless landline in order to operate their home internet. 4g makes this a thing of the past by using the same mobile internet as your smartphone.

3. Internet on the go

While 3g routers had to be plugged in at all times, a 4g broadband router is completely portable, giving you access to reliable, high-speed internet wherever you go.

4. Gaming and streaming

Certain activities require a much faster response from the server. Trying to stream video or play games on 3g internet can be a nightmare with frequent lagging ruining the experience. With superfast 4g, you can game and stream to your heart’s content.

5.Great deals

4g mobile broadband is much cheaper than you think. We’ve got great value packages as well as home broadband deals to suit all customers. Get in touch today to make the leap!