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What is 4G?

4G stands for ‘the fourth generation of mobile technology’. To put it simply, 4G gives you superfast access to the internet through airwaves rather than traditional landlines and cables.

At 4G4U we provide the quickest broadband installation in Wales & Cheshire that gives you high-speed, reliable internet with a simple set-up.


How can 4G Home broadband benefit me?

4G broadband can benefit your business and home-life. Here’s how:

Speed: 4G is an upgrade of 2G and 3G and is much faster than these networks. 4G speeds are comparable to Fibre broadband and typically faster than many other fixed-line broadband options out there.

Portability: Did you know 4G broadband provides you with portable internet? Thanks to a router which runs solely through 4G signal, it’s never been easier to work and play on-the-go. Perfect for your holiday-homes, boathouses, campsites and caravans. Simply unplug at home and plug back in at your preferred location – you just need an electrical supply.

Unlimited data: Browse, stream and play with no download limits.
Reliable internet for rural areas: Slow internet in the countryside? Here’s your solution. 4G can provide stable connectivity where Cable and Fibre may not be available or may be running at slow speeds.

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What’s the difference between 4G mobile and 4G Home?

  • 4G Home provides you with a portable router.
  • Mobiles only have small antennas.
  • 4G Home can provide internet for up to 80 devices. Thanks to the 4G network’s superfast speeds, you won’t experience any loss of speed regardless of the number of devices connected!
  • Poor mobile reception? Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean 4G Home isn’t for you…we can fit an external antenna to boost your signal. Worried about tricky antenna installations? Our friendly engineers can get you set up with no mess and minimum fuss, leaving you more time to browse, work and play via 4G.

To learn more, read our Benefits of 4G broadband blog

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