See Our Process

Step 1 Enquire about 4G

Talk to one of our friendly team members that are at the ready to help! 
Our team will perform a free desktop survey to check 4G availability and possible speeds that you could get at your property.

Proposed Solutions

Step 2 Proposed Solution

We will take a look at your situation individually and suggest the best solution for you.
Use either a boxed solution or high-gain antenna to get the best
possible speeds.

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Step 3 Site Survey

Our team will come to your premises in order to complete a Site Survey. This will give us definite speeds and confirm the best solution for you.

Enjoy average connection speeds 40Mbps faster than fibre.

Step 4 Access to Broadband Cymru

The Welsh Government are trying to get Wales “up to speed” (excuse the pun). This means that you could get a grant up to £800 towards installation (Wales only).

Find out more about the application process here.

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Step 5 4G Broadband Installation

Whether you choose to go with the grant solution or not, once everything is ready to move ahead, our Engineers will install the perfect broadband solution into your property.

Our network engineers can flood your property with WiFi!

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Step 6 Internet Anywhere

You’re now ready to enjoy high-speed internet.

Get internet anywhere, for business and pleasure!


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