Let’s Demystify VOIP (Internet Phone)

Order Via Internet through the phone

Step 1 Order Internet Phone System

A huge benefit to VOIP is that you can OWN your number. Meaning that no matter where or when you move you can keep your existing number no matter where it’s kept.

You can…
keep your existing number, get a new number or add additional numbers.

Voice over Internet Protocol Setup

Step 2 Setup

You no longer need to have a “landline” as such. What we mean by that is you do not need a piece of hardware to have your landline number connected.

As with everything now you can download an app and answer all your calls through there. Alternatively, you can also have hardware installed. Or have both.

Download the app for Android or iOS and/or order VOIP equipment

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4G4U Benefits Checklist

Step 3 Benefits

There are so many benefits to having a VOIP or Internet Phone installed. Some of them in the picture illustrated.
You can contact us here for anymore information on the benefits!

A call between a telephone and cellphone

Step 4 Enjoy

Once the installation and “move-over” is completed you can customise the system to suit you best.

On top of that you can enjoy a saving of up to 60% on your phone bills!


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