What to do when applying for 4G through Access Broadband Cymru

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Step 1 Complete application form

Due to data protection and GDPR, you now have to complete the Access Broadband Cymru application form yourself. Our part is to provide the estimate for the installation and equipment supplied to your property. You are required to ask a Company like ourselves who are a registered Internet Service Provider with the Welsh Government.

Please click the button below to be directed to The Welsh Government’s website to download an up-to-date Access Broadband Cymru application form. Once downloaded, return to this page and click the ‘Download Our Help Guide’ button to download our help guide on what you need to fill out on the form.


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Step 2 Send application form

Due to COVID-19, The Welsh Government will only accept email applications. This has been covered in the help guide in step 1.

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Step 3 Approval

If approved – You will receive two offer letters. Access Broadband Cymru Award of Funding Letter. Please make a note of the Funding Voucher Number (starts with BB).

Two copies of the Award letter will be received. Both copies to be signed and ONE to be returned within 14 days of the Funding letter.

The Elective Funding Claim Form needs to be kept until Installation is done.

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Step 4 Installation

When your grant has been approved and all relevant documentation sent, you can now book one of our engineers to come to your property and install the 4G equipment.

Once installed, we do another speed test. This needs to be done on site with a 5m cable to obtain best results.

We also need your IP address and MAC address from your router. This information needs to be put on the invoice.

Elective Funding Claim Form and Invoice to be sent to The Welsh Government’s email address in step 1.

Contact us using the form below to book an engineer visit.

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