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My telecom provider has promised fibre
broadband but they have never delivered

The internet is essential to my business but I cannot get a reliable, fast broadband connection

Sound familiar? We can get you out of the
slow lane and into the 21st century

About 4G Broadband

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So what is 4G wireless broadband? Simply put, it’s fibre broadband without the need of a landline.

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A vector image with a hand handing out a moneyGet a grant up to £800 towards installation
(Wales only).

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We perform a free desktop survey to check 4G availability and possible speeds.

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About Internet Phone System (VOIP)

Order Via Internet through the phone

Keep your existing number, get a new number or add additional numbers.

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Download the app for Android or iOS and enjoy VOIP with your own mobile.

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Enjoy a saving of up to 60% on your phone bills.

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