Just a quick thank you for your help sorting out the 4G connection to our property on 11th May. As you are aware my frustration levels had reached breaking point with the Welsh Assembly and Open Reach. After years of trying to get a usable solution, involving my local MP Mark Tami I was told in 2016 by Ed Hunt, BT programme director for Superfast Cymru to go and investigate alternative solutions as BT had no viable solution. I looked at Satellite options, not usable as the issue with latency, and even asked for a quote for FTTP which at an estimated cost of 80K was not financial viable.

My children’s education was suffering as well as my own business. My BT broadband speed was a dismal 0.78Mb/s download so we had no alternative but to use an EE 4G dongle at a high cost.

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That was until I got in touch with you at 4G4U. I now have a massive improvement, (results below) which now enables my wife and I to work and my children to be able to do their homework and watch films and play music over the internet, something which was out of the question before due to poor broadband speeds. As a family we can now do normal tasks which 95% of the population could previously do in North Wales.

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The connectivity has so far been very stable, with the lowest it dropping to is 35Mb/s, which is more than adequate for myself and family. This 4G solution has transformed our household and brought us into the 20th Century and I would recommend anyone who has poor internet connectivity to switch to a 4G connected service.

Kind Regards

Andy Wooley

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