It’s widely known that 4G broadband suppliers advertise their speed as something that goes up to a certain level. However, are you aware of how fast your connection is?

To get an accurate measure of your 4G home broadband speed, you can use an online checker.

Testing the speed of your internet connection with these free-to-use tools will show your broadband speed within seconds.

How Does the Broadband Speed Test Work?

A broadband test, irrespective of whether you’re testing your 4G home broadband or your 4G mobile brand, checks your speed by downloading and subsequently uploading fake «packets» of data sent to your broadband provider’s servers via «pings».

These «pings» represent a measure of the time it takes these packets to be sent and received by your computer.

Most of these services measure speeds on a range of different broadband connection types, so it’s important to be aware of the fact that speed results only represent a fraction of your broadband connection at that specific time.

Most speed tests results should not be interpreted as a final measure of your internet’s general performance.

Broadband speed tests, however, come in handy when it comes to talking to your internet provider about your internet speed.

Why Does Broadband Speed Matter?

Suppose you just tested your broadband speed and, as a result, you got a speed of 17Mbps.

Although that’s not too bad for broadband connection, the question you’ve got to ask yourself is: “What does this speed allow me to do?” How fast can you download films or music albums? How reliable is it for your work?

If you’re not happy with the speed you’re actually getting from your provider, you can see what we can offer to improve your current connection.