When you’re in the middle of an important task or a much-needed video catch up, slow broadband can really ruin the moment. If you’re constantly asking why is my broadband so slow? check out these quick tips to improve your connection.

Distance From Router

Your broadband uses a router to distribute a wi-fi connection, and if your device is too far from your router, this can affect the speed. Make sure your router is placed somewhere for all devices to be able to access it, and if your home is large and has thick walls, you may need a booster or two.

Too Many Devices

A slow broadband connection may mean your system is overloaded with too many users. Do you have a password set up so neighbours aren’t able to jump on? Or is your home internet deal not equipped to deal with a big family of gamers and streamers?


Living in a rural area can be tricky when it comes to accessing the internet regularly, so check your coverage with your provider. It’s also a good idea to run a speed test to ensure the speed you’re paying for is what you are getting.

4g Broadband Router

Did you know that as well as mobile coverage, you can use 4g broadband in your home? Using a 4g broadband router, 4g internet uses mobile phone signals instead of cables, providing a strong and fast connection. You can connect up to 80 devices, and with reasonable 4g home broadband deals, it’s a fantastic internet backup to have.

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