Water, food… a steady supply of books: They can all be seen as essentials during the COVID-19 lockdown which so many of us are now battling through. But perhaps we should add broadband to that list. There are a number of reasons why we can cherish a stable and speedy broadband internet connection now more than ever, and in this blog we name some of them:

– Keep track

While some of us would usually rather do anything than watch the news, in these challenging times the daily bulletins have become a valuable source of information, from the latest government guidance to updates on the outbreak from around the world, and simple tips on how to deal with staying indoors. Thanks to technologies such as 4G home broadband we are able to stay informed on developments and access useful advice.

– Pass the time

Are you now at world elite level on internet pool? Or perhaps you have become a high roller in a themed online casino? Broadband offers us many games which can help to kill those hours between morning and bedtime. Sometimes we just need to switch off and take our mind away from the world outside, and 4G broadband offers many methods of blissful distraction.

– Keep in touch

It has been remarked that the current need for separation has actually brought us closer together. That’s because people are finding time to catch up with relatives and friends using a wide range of apps – from instant messaging platforms to video call software. What do all of these apps have in common? They rely on broadband.

Those are some of the reasons why broadband has become an even more essential activity in 2020. How is your connection? If it isn’t satisfactory, it may be time to start eyeing some 4G broadband deals.